How to Properly Mow Your Lawn

How to Properly Mow Your Lawn

Before you dust off your lawnmower for the long mowing months ahead, brush up on how to properly mow your lawn.

The snow is melting and the warm days of spring and summer are on the horizon. Spring means plenty of rain, plenty of weeds, and plenty of grass growing in your yard! Before you dust off your lawnmower for the long mowing months ahead, brush up on how to properly mow your lawn.

Set Your Mower High

If you haven’t taken the time to set your mower, your lawn has been missing out. Adjust your mower so that it only cuts the top third of the grass blades at once—even if the grass is overgrown and long. Taking the time to properly mow your lawn will ensure that your grass grows longer and stronger than before. If you don’t set your mower high enough, you can end up damaging the lawn and forcing your grass plans to regrow their blades instead of deepening their existing blades.

Wait Until It’s Dry

Wait for your lawn to completely dry before you attempt to mow it. Cutting wet grass almost always leads to an uneven cut and a clogged mower. Your lawnmower will also deposit unattractive clumps of grass all over your lawn and cause unsightly brown spots.

Mow Only As Needed

Certain things you should do every day (like exercise), other things you should do once a week (like laundry), and other things you should only do as needed (like mowing your lawn). Mow only as often as your lawn needs it, depending on the type of grass you have, the conditions in your grass, the growth pattern, and the season.

Leave Your Clippings On the Lawn

This tip might surprise you, but you should actually leave grass clippings on the lawn whenever you can. As long as you are mowing at the proper height and only as often as needed, the grass clippings you leave behind will actually help the grass left behind to grow stronger.

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