What Do You Do with Old Mulch in Spring?

old mulch

What exactly should be done with old mulch?

Any avid gardener or lawn care aficionado has most likely come across this problem at some point. What exactly should be done with old mulch? Come spring, old much that has been left on top of annual flower beds and vegetable beds has been left behind. If you have old mulch questions, read on for answers.

Is Old Mulch Still Useable?

While flower beds and vegetable beds will not have anything growing in them during the winter, they are mulched in the fall to protect the soil from harsh weather and freezing temperatures over the winter months. You may be wondering if this mulch is still useable come spring. The answer largely depends on the condition of the mulch.

How Can You Tell If Old Mulch Is Still Viable?

If your old mulch is still in good condition come spring it is most definitely useable. Here are some things to look for when judging the viability of old mulch. Scoop it up in your hands and take a close look. If your mulch has broken down to such an extent that it cannot be differentiated from the rest of the soil, then you cannot use it. It needs to be replaced. If when you pick it up, it has the look and feel it had originally, you can reuse it. However, if your plants had disease problems the previous year, that might be connected to the mulch. In this case, replace the mulch and dispose of it properly.

What To Do If Your Mulch Is Still Good

If you have carefully inspected your old mulch and discovered that it is still in good condition, take these next steps. Rake that mulch aside so you can begin to get the planting bed ready. If you need to get it out of the way, put it in a wheelbarrow.

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