The Importance of a Seasonal Yard Cleanup

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A seasonal yard cleanup is vital for ensuring fresh, new growth.

When the seasons change, many of us start planning our seasonal cleaning sprees for the inside of our homes. Like the inside, the outside of our homes also needs a seasonal yard cleanup. Also, seasonal yard cleanups are essential to taking care of the appearance of our property and maintaining its good health. They allow new growth, remove weeds from your landscape, and decrease the chance of potential health risks in your yard. Keep reading to learn why you need a seasonal yard cleanup.

Cleanup = New Growth

A seasonal yard cleanup is vital for ensuring fresh, new growth. Allowing old debris to linger may hinder further development and sometimes prevent it. In addition, dead leaves, organic matter, and debris develop a blanket over your lawn that covers your grass, creating a barrier between it and the sun. Also, this blanket blocks out oxygen, water, and other critical nutrients your grass needs to be strong.

If left untouched, this blanket will cause harm to your lawn. However, the blanket of matter will crush and kill the new growth when it pokes up through your soil. Fortunately, trimming trees and shrubs will get them back in shape. Overall, pruning and trimming back dead flowers and branches eliminates dead weight and enables new bud growth.

Remove Weeds

Keeping weeds under control is vital so your landscape plants aren’t fighting for resources such as sunlight and water. If not treated, weeds will spread rapidly and starve plants of the nutrients they need to survive. So, pulling weeds during a seasonal yard cleanup and spreading mulch in landscape beds prevents weeds from roaming around your plants.

Eliminate Potential Health Risks

Leaf clutter and debris may develop severe problems for your plants, lawn, and loved ones. Also, dead, rotting leaves produce a damp blanket that traps moisture and forms the breeding ground for mold and fungus. Additionally, mold harms your plants and your health. Moreover, removing leaf clutter and debris from your landscape reduces the likelihood of coming into contact with dangerous pests that threaten your health.

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