Maximize the Landscaping of Your Condominium Exterior

edward's lawn & landscaping maximize the landscaping of your condominium exterior

Let’s discuss how you can maximize the landscaping of your condominium exterior.

When people search for condominiums, they might search for the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage. That’s why condominium exterior upgrades are a fantastic way to enhance your property, attracting potential buyers and keeping them. Let’s discuss how you can maximize the landscaping of your condominium exterior.

Condo Exterior Upgrades That Attract Buyers

As you’re analyzing your condominium, you may be thinking about what you can do to enhance the outside. You want to make it welcoming and ensure potential buyers want to see more. So, here are some ways you can maximize the landscaping of your condominium exterior.

Remodel and Upgrade Problem Areas

A great first focus for property managers searching to make some exterior condo updates is, to begin with trouble spots. Plus, hedges and shrubs can outlive their usefulness in the landscape. If they no longer look healthy or are overgrown, they most likely need to be replaced or properly pruned.

Trees can also grow up and over buildings or other areas of your landscape, like roots invading hardscapes. Or one of your trees might take up all the sun or nutrients away from the plants developing beneath them. As a result, you need a commercial landscaping professional like Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping to remove or replace them.

Consider Safety and Security

Another way to maximize the landscaping of your condominium exterior is to think about safety and security. You want to avoid any landscaping problems that can compromise residents’ safety or boost liability on your site. Also, you don’t want to block visibility when people are walking or driving into your condo property or exiting. This means trimming overgrown trees or shrubs that block signage or access, decreasing visibility, or covering lighting.

In addition, standing water, which may indicate poor drainage, can also become a safety hazard. Some solutions include adding French drains, fixing water flow with proper grading, or installing rain gardens. Plus, repair erosion challenges by using some planting ideas or hardscapes.

Emphasize Focal Points

Focal points are visible areas on your property. They include signage, entrances, and shared facilities. Particularly, your entryways are the gateways to the condominiums. In addition, tenants come and go through this path every day. Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping can maximize the landscaping of your condominium exterior:

  • Trim shrubs and trees, so signage is readable
  • Integrate colorful flowers in containers to emphasize elegance and brightness
  • Also, boost your curb appeal by adding low-growing, bold annuals in front of signs and tall shrubs behind signs
  • Moreover, bring significant impacts by placing a blend of annuals and perennials in your landscape beds

Embrace a Plant Palette on Your Property

Create a plant palette if you want a seamless look on your property. A plant palette will produce consistent colors and themes throughout your site. If residents upkeep their condo exteriors, they can select from your plant palette to ensure any landscaping complements your entire scheme.

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