How Does Proper Plant Placement Influence Commercial Landscaping?

edward's lawn & landscaping how proper plant placement influences commercial landscaping

Let’s talk about how proper plant placement influences commercial landscaping.

Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers on your commercial property in Maryland is essential for several reasons. You probably think you can throw multiple plants in the ground, water them, and they’ll complete the rest of the work for you. Unfortunately, there’s more to it than that. Let’s talk about how proper plant placement influences commercial landscaping.

Think About the Location for Certain Plants

Your property needs a mix of bold and beautiful perennials, annuals, shrubs, evergreens, and trees to create attractive commercial landscaping and add interest throughout all seasons. So, you must consider the location when selecting your plants. This is because misplacing certain plants means some will brown from too much sunlight or droop due to insufficient water. We will always consider site location, soil condition, sun exposure, traffic levels, disease and pest resistance, and irrigation availability when choosing plants. This will ensure your plants live healthy lives.

Consider Long-Term Growth

When it comes to how proper plant placement influences commercial landscaping, you have to think that plants will grow. Planting them too close today means they’ll have to be eliminated and replaced in a couple of years once they mature.

Impacts On Safety and Security

You must consider safety and security regarding how proper plant placement influences commercial landscaping. Suppose you install shrubs that grow too large in front of particular vital areas. In that case, they can block security cameras and sight lines for vehicles entering or exiting your commercial property, grow into overhead wires, interfere with pedestrian traffic, and add unwanted hiding spots for intruders. Call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping at 443-341-6539 to design your outdoor spaces!

Maximum Curb Appeal

Our commercial landscape professionals know how to place landscaping plants for maximum curb appeal. This means connecting plants that bloom during various seasons, so your commercial property has fantastic curb appeal all the time. It also signifies mixing plants in different colors, sizes, and textures that work together for multi-seasonal interest.

Minimizes Your Maintenance Costs

Be mindful that plants need constant maintenance. If they are placed in the incorrect spot, a plant close to an entrance might overgrow and affect sight lines, requiring much more trimming. Proper plant placement can reduce maintenance costs because you’re planting the correct plant with its conditions. Smart planning with our team now will save you headaches later. Need an estimate? Call our office at 443-341-6539!

Don’t Forget About Snow in Maryland

In Maryland, you must always consider winter as a factor when installing commercial landscaping plants. Specific plants can experience problems during heavy snow, salt accumulation, and ice during the winter months. Adding snow fencing or burlap on parking lot edges can help protect plants in locations that will be salted regularly.

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