What Commercial Landscaping Services Should Your Business Receive for Spring?

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Do you need commercial landscaping services? No worries because Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping can help with that.

Do you need commercial landscaping services? No worries because Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping can help with that. We can lighten your workload and ensure that your maintenance needs are performed with the highest attention to detail—Trust Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping to make your property look its best.

The Power of Mulch

Another spring commercial landscaping service your property requires is mulching. Our landscaping company ensures the mulch is manageable around the trees and shrubbery. Too much can develop rot, welcoming insects and disease. In addition, mulch instantly adds a pleasant curb appeal and improves the soil. Another advantage of mulch is that it helps you conserve moisture. So, you spend less time watering when you mulch.

Pruning and Edging

Spring is great for pruning and cutting back perennial grasses, perennials, and other plants such as spirea. Also, pruning enables proper air to flow and sunshine for healthy plants. Plus, edging makes your garden beds look neat. Fortunately, Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping can clean up debris and leaf litter from garden beds that collect diseases.


You should also include fertilization as part of your spring commercial landscaping services. Fertilization provides hungry shrubs and plants with an excellent herbicide and feeding to combat yearly weeds. To grow healthy plants with nutrients, you must ensure they have wholesome soil. Overall, your shrubs and trees may replenish the nutrients in the soil with fertilizers.

Lawn Cleanup

Unfortunately, a messy landscape makes your commercial property appear neglected. Our landscaping pros will rake leftover leaves from autumn into the lawn with a mulching mower. This will break them down into healthy bits that benefit your turf. In addition, ice, winter snow, and wind can trigger minor branches to fall and crack. Consequently, the effects will litter your landscape with debris that should be cleaned up.

Does your commercial landscape maintenance contract include the necessities to jumpstart the growing season? Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping ensures your agreement contains all the essential spring spruce-ups. Call our landscaping company today at 443-341-6539 for any questions, concerns, or professional assistance.

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