How to Prevent Weeds From Entering Your Lawn

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Apply pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from sprouting this spring.

Every homeowner who cares about the appearance and health of their lawn should know how to prevent weeds. Not only are weeds an eyesore. However, they rob your garden of the nutrients it needs to survive. Here is a guide that walks you through how to prevent weeds from entering your lawn. 

How to Stop Weeds from Germinating 

You should use a pair of pruners to remove the weed seed heads if you ever notice flowering weeds on your lawn that have gone to seed. In addition, you should drop them into a plastic bag for disposal or burning. You’ll want to avoid composting weed seed heads because they can regrow. 

Utilizing Corn Gluten Meal to Prevent Weeds

Corn gluten meal has historically been used as animal feed and is a by-product of corn processing. When you spread it over your lawn, it stops seeds from growing or sprouting. We suggest applying corn gluten meal around perennial beds, in shrub and tree beds, and anywhere you don’t want weeds to grow. Ensure that you don’t distribute corn gluten meal to vegetable gardens because it will stop seeds from growing there. Corn gluten meal works best in the spring and fall when it’s around 55 degrees. 

How to Apply Mulch to Prevent Weeds 

Mulch cuts existing weeds’ air supply off and blocks sunlight by providing a barrier. In addition, the mulch barrier will prevent new weeds from growing because they won’t have enough oxygen or sunlight to grow. If you rake and collect leaves, you can use them as mulch in your garden. 

First, cut down existing weeds as close to the ground as possible. Secondly, spread some newspaper on the ground around your garden. Next, shred your leaves and pile them two to three inches thick on top of the newspaper. The leaves and newspaper will act as a layer of mulch that will smother existing weeds and prevent new news from spreading. 

Distributing Pre-Emergent Weed Control 

Pre-emergent weed control works best when applied to grass in early spring and during the fall. When you use this spray, you’ll notice that fewer weeds will pop up during the upcoming gardening seasons, and like mulch, it creates a barrier over the lawn and neutralizes weed seeds. Also, it only works on weeds that have yet to emerge. 

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