Fall Yard Cleanup Tasks to Leave to the Pros

Fall Yard Cleanup Tasks to Leave to the Pros

A professional fall cleanup crew can make all the difference.

The fall season brings with it much festivity, such as warm beverages, pumpkins, and trick or treating. It also brings in a change in the landscape, a time when summer foliage fades, leaves change color, and plants go dormant for the winter. The best way to enjoy your landscape in autumn is to bring in professional help that can aid your landscape to the max; below are several fall yard cleanup tasks you will want to leave to the pros.

Raking Leaves

Fall leaves come down every year, filling up garbage bags and compost heaps by the dozens. While mulched leaves can have a nutritious effect on your lawn and plants, leaving fall leaves to sit can produce clumps of wet dead leaves that smother grass, foster mold growth, and clutter your garden beds. Edward’s Lawn & Home can clear your autumn leaves away in record time!


Pruning trees and shrubs is the way to ensure that they stay healthy and in shape, literally and figuratively. Pruning helps many plant species to be free of disease and be more fruitful in the following years. Due to the intricacy and scope of this work, it is wise to let the pros handle this fall yard cleanup task.

Garden Cleanups

Garden beds also need to be kept prim and trim. Edward’s Lawn & Home can take care of deadheading, cutting back spent summer perennials, and mulching the beds so that they are insulated during winter. Edward’s Lawn & Home recommends performing garden cleanups between March and June, just before most plants go into full bloom, but they offer these services year-round.

Fall Lawn Care Tasks

Edward’s Lawn & Home is also an expert on all things lawn-related. In the fall, one can perform last-minute yard cleanup tasks such as fertilizing, aerating and seeding, and trimming the lawn before winter sets in. Our team will trim the edges of lawns and garden beds so your yard maintains a clean, manicured look.

Yard Cleanups with Edward’s Lawn & Home

At Edward’s Lawn & Home, we offer different lawn and garden care programs that enable you to stay on schedule with your landscape maintenance. You can choose your service’s frequency and specifications, so prices vary. For every new landscaping project, we are giving you 20% off!

Choose Edward’s Lawn & Home

For the past thirteen years, Edwards Lawn and Home has been offering premier residential and commercial services to improve your property all year long. The options are endless from a new patio to a backyard fire pit, let the winners of Angie’s List Super Service Aware serve you! If you’re interested in finding out more about our services or getting a quote, you can contact us online or give us a call at 443-341-6539. For more information about our services or DIY tips and tricks follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Houzz.

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