Growing Mums in the Ground

Growing Mums in the Ground

Planting mums this year? Here is how to make them thrive in your garden.

Chrysanthemums are the quintessential fall flower in Maryland, coming in almost a rainbow of colorful blooms. Hardy, easy to maintain, and full of festive cheer, these button-like flowers are a seasonal delight in the garden. While many grow them as annuals in pots due to their shallow root systems, they are actually a perennial that you can grow permanently in your garden for greenery in spring and summer and color in the fall. Here is a closer look at growing mums in the ground.

Choose Your Variety

Different areas fall into different zones for gardening, which means that some plants will be able to thrive better in some areas than others. Maryland falls between zones 4b and 7a, so one can plant a species that is more acclimated to warmer temperatures and blooms later. The variety of mums you choose will note what zones it can thrive in best, and thankfully, Maryland has plenty of choices.

Plant in Fall or Spring

Fall and spring are both ideal times to plant mums in the ground. The cooler weather and soil temperatures, combined with moderate moisture, provide comfortable growing conditions for many plants when they are establishing their roots. Planting in spring will give more time for the roots to establish themselves, but insulating the roots over winter works for fall planting as well.

Growing Conditions

As a hardy species, chrysanthemums are easy to grow and can thrive in any soil type. Even so, make sure that the soil is well-drained. They also prefer full sun, and in turn, will produce more blooms. 

Chrysanthemum Care

Chrysanthemums can benefit from regular watering to nourish their shallow roots. They also appreciate rich soil, which one can create with compost or mulch. To avoid a leggy bunch of mums, pinch the heads of the stems early on so that they branch out and thicken. 

Planting Mums in the Ground

Depending on the variety, mums can make excellent ground covers, shrubs, or flowers to pair with other fall-flowering or ornamental plants. Some species that look great with mums include sedum, ornamental cabbage, violas, and ornamental peppers. For a beautiful landscape design that covers the fall season and more, contact us at Edward’s Lawn & Home!

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