Deck Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Deck Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Keep your deck in tip top shape this fall season!

With summer officially over, it’s time to embrace the fall season. Homeowners who have any type of deck need to know all the secrets to maintain their deck and prepare it for the cooler months ahead. Deck maintenance is necessary all year round at some level but becomes increasingly important in the fall months. Ultimately, having the right maintenance tips and tricks in your back pocket can make a world of a difference when it comes to a deck’s structural integrity during fall weather. Here are several essential tips to ensure your deck is properly maintained throughout the fall season.

Put Away All Your Summer Furniture And Accessories

If you have summer-specific furniture on your deck or other decking accessories like planters or sculptures, it would be best to store them away during the colder months. Any exposed furniture that you leave out on your deck should be able to withstand the rain and snow that is very likely to come in the cooler months. Homeowners need to be aware of all the different types of furniture that can stay and which pieces need to be packed away as the temperature begins to cool. Ultimately, there is nothing worse than having all your beautiful summer furniture pieces ruined by cold weather. 

Clean All The Fallen Leaves

One of the biggest complaints about the changing seasons is the leaves that begin to fall. They tend to find their way onto your deck easily. The reality is, there is nothing you can do that would benefit your deck maintenance other than cleaning leaves off immediately. Don’t let them build up on your deck — it could harm your deck’s platform and leave you with costly repairs. Ultimately, fallen leaves are much more detrimental to your deck than they may initially appear.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there is nothing more vital to your deck’s health than proper maintenance. The important part is to remember these key tips to ensure your deck can withstand the test of time — you’ll end up extending your deck’s lifespan just by taking care of it properly. Indeed, having a beautiful deck that can take you through the colder months is totally possible.  

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