Fall Deck Maintenance Tips

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it is the beginning of fall so it is the perfect time to perform some seasonal maintenance on your deck!

Although summer is coming to an end that doesn’t mean you should stop using your backyard deck.  While enjoying your deck during the fall months, it is the perfect time to perform some seasonal maintenance.  You will soon be unable to use your deck once the cold winter temperatures roll around, so it is critical to making sure it is functioning properly.  There are simple ways to care for your deck during fall so your family can enjoy it for many years to come.  

Trim Branches

You don’t want winter to come around and have all the snowfall break several trees branches to only damage your deck.  It is essential in the fall to trim all of your trees that are hanging over your deck or that surround it closely.  Have all branches at least 12 inches from your deck to slow the rotting and molding process.  Don’t forget to trim any bushes and other shrubbery that is near or surrounding your deck.  

Sweep Leaves

Although leaves and other debris are probably all of your lawn, you shouldn’t forget to sweep your deck and put them in trash bags.  Clearing your deck of leaves is a tedious process, but it is something you won’t regret once winter comes around.  Make sure to get all of the leaves and plant matter that might be stuck in between your deck boards because they can rot over time.

Clean and Seal

It is important to deep clean your deck at least once a year so you can maintain its appearance and structure.  The cleaning process depends on the type of material your deck is made of and the quality of the specific material.  If your deck is wood based, then it is vital to seal it so it is waterproof and it lasts longer.  Before sealing your wooden deck, it is important it clean it thoroughly.  If you have a vinyl or composite deck, then all you have to do is wash it once a year.  Fall is the perfect time to wash your deck because the temperatures are cooler and you will get rid of all stains from summer parties.  

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