Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

Why Fall Is the Best Time for Planting

Why is fall a great time for planting? Here’s why you should take advantage of this season.

Autumn is here, a season also known as fall. After a summer of beautiful bright blooms, now is the time to enjoy planting more for more years of greenery and flowers. Expert gardeners will let you know that the best time for planting virtually any plant species is in the spring or the fall. Why exactly is that, and where can you go from there?

What to Plant in Fall

One can plant virtually anything in the fall. Maryland is home to a wide collection of plant categories, such as herbaceous plants, grasses, shrubs, and trees. Annuals and perennials do well when planted in the fall as well, especially spring bulbs and fall-flowering annuals. Look around your property to determine what plantings you might need. Perhaps you need a line of evergreens to create a private backyard or new shrubs to decorate the front yard. Determine what is best for your yard.

Benefits of Planting in Fall

Why exactly is fall the best time for planting, aside from spring? It is both a beneficial time for you and for the plants! The weather grows cooler, so you won’t have to break into a sweat or risk heat stroke! The plants won’t have to deal with high heat either; the cooler weather is prime for establishing roots and weathering milder elements. Spring bulbs have a chance to establish themselves in the fall through the winter, making them even stronger when spring comes around. As for fall annuals, you can continue to have bright, festive blooms during this season.

DIY or Professional?

There are benefits of both doing the yardwork yourself and hiring a professional. Gardening is therapeutic, but when you have an extensive patch to cover, it is more cost-effective to have someone do it for you. A professional landscaping and lawn care company like Edward’s Lawn & Home can purchase, deliver, plant, and maintain the plants for you! They can even give you a stunning design beforehand. To do a landscaping project properly, it is always best to get the input of a professional landscaper for layout, plant species, and care. If you would prefer to have a pro do the planting for you, contact us for more information!

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