Tackle Your Yard Spring Cleaning Tasks with These Tips

Tackle Your Yard Spring Cleaning Tasks with These Tips edwards lawn and landscaping

You can get started on your yard’s spring cleaning with the following tasks.

When your lawn returns to life every spring, it’s the perfect time to conduct yard spring cleaning. By clearing up what winter left behind, you can create an environment ideal for new growth, beautiful green grass, and flourishing garden beds. When in doubt about the spring cleaning tasks best for your lawn, contact Edward’s Lawn and Landscaping for professional guidance regarding your unique property. You can get started on your yard’s spring cleaning with the following tasks. 

Clean Up Debris & Clear Out the Garden

Remove any large debris lying around your yard. This includes fallen sticks or branches from your trees and any piles of leaves that accumulate around fences and corners of your yard. Next, look at your flower and garden beds. Have weeds overtaken the beds? Have dividers you’ve used in the past moved? Remove any weeds and replace broken dividers. Place fresh mulch around your flowers, consider using a weed guard fabric, and remove dead flowers that won’t return in spring. Prune off any dead or dying branches you spot, too. 

Consider Composting

If you haven’t started already, start a compost pile for your yard! A compost pile can go in a designated area, or a composting bin can be purchased. A compost pile is great for the environment because it reduces landfill trash, and compost can be used as a fertilizer for plants

Handle Pests and Pets

During winter, your yard may have accumulated pet waste that should be removed. Before starting serious yard spring cleaning tasks, clean up and throw away any pet waste. Don’t add waste to your compost bin! As you clean up the waste, look for unwanted pests you have to take care of, like wasps or rodents. 

Mow Your Lawn 

Now you have the big debris out of the way and make sure your flower and garden beds are neatly divided, you can mow your lawn. Make sure your blades are sharp, not rusted, and set to the appropriate height. 

Remove Crabgrass and Other Invasive Species

If your yard is full of weeds like crabgrass, it’s time to remove them and make sure they don’t come back. Call Edward’s Lawn and Landscaping for guidance on the best removal practices for specific invasive plants. 

Reseed Bare Spots

A crucial part of your yard spring cleaning is encouraging your lawn to grow back better this spring. Once your lawn is mowed and all debris has been cleared, you can look for bare spots or dead grass patches. If you notice them, you can reseed the spots with new grass seed. Edward’s Lawn and Landscaping experts can determine the best grass seed for your lawn. With ample spring rains, your new grass will get off to a good start. If you are concerned about hydration, consider using an irrigation system to deliver consistent water.

Take Care of Your Soil 

Your soil is vital to keeping your lawn healthy and safe. Soil maintenance relies on soil aeration and fertilization. If your grass isn’t growing well, or the soil is hard and dry, it may be compacted. Aeration breaks up the soil to let in air, nutrients, and water. The landscaping experts at Edward’s Lawn and Landscaping can help you determine the best time for aeration and fertilization and deliver high-quality services. 

Prune Trees and Shrubs

If your shrubs or trees have dead or drying branches, remove these as soon as possible. This makes it easier for the plants to grow new branches during the bountiful spring season! 

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