Is Mowing Wet Grass Worth the Risk?

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You should know a few things before determining if mowing wet grass is worth the risk.

The mowing season in Maryland can bring unpredictable weather, and lawns can become quickly uncontrollable during long stretches of rain. If you are stuck in a rainy pattern and your grass needs a cut, you should know a few things before determining if mowing wet grass is worth the risk.

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What are the Risks of Mowing Wet Grass?

If you want the best-looking lawn, you must understand the possible consequences of mowing wet grass.

Uneven Cut

Dry turf stands up straight, whereas the weight of the water on wet turf causes blades to bend over or limp. If all the blades are not standing up straight, you won’t be able to trim them evenly. As a result, you will have a choppy-looking lawn with torn grass blades, and now you must mow your lawn again.

Fungal Diseases

Fungal diseases thrive in a wet environment, so torn blades make your wet lawn more prone to these diseases. Prevalent fungal diseases from mowing wet grass include:

  • Reddish-brown patches
  • Brown grass in odd circles
  • Small brown spots with dark brown or purplish-red borders
  • Reddish threads on the tips of grass blades

If fungal diseases are not identified and treated early, they may spread and damage your lawn.

What to Consider When Mowing Wet Grass

Although we don’t advise mowing wet grass, you should consider these key features when purchasing a mower.

Sharp Cutting Deck

You need to ensure that the blades on the mower deck are sharp. During the wet season, grass fungus can make your turf unhealthy, so you need to trim the grass cleanly to keep it healthy. Besides the sharp blades, have a mower with an adjustable speed.

Adjustable Deck Height

Grass typically grows taller during a rainy period. If you attempt to cut it down to your average mowing height, you risk excessive grass clippings and clogging the mower deck. Raising the mower deck’s height will result in fewer clippings and minimize the chance of clogging.


The mower’s weight is significant if you plan to mow wet grass at any time. For instance, a lighter mower performs better on a wet lawn because it will not stick to the damp ground and leave ruts.

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