Above Ground or In Ground Pond?

Above Ground or In Ground Pond?

Installing an above ground or in ground garden pond each has its pros and cons.

If you are considering building a garden pond in your yard, you can be sure that the addition will be altogether pleasing and soothing. The presence of a natural-looking water source brings calm to any scene, with its tranquil look and trickling sounds. However, the question one must answer before installation is whether you will have an above ground or in ground pond. 

Above Ground Pond

An above ground pond has become more popular in recent decades. It is easier to install and easier to maintain. Because it is a closed system, it is also transportable, which is useful if you move house. An above ground pond requires a basin, pond lining, a pond aeration system, and minimal-to-no digging. The design options are endless; one can create a stylish surrounding for the pond made from stone, wood, metal, or any other such material. Some above ground ponds have glass windows to view the fish. These ponds are also safer for kids and pets, and easier to maintain since there is less back-bending.

In Ground Pond

An in ground pond, meanwhile, requires more or less the same hardware for construction, such as a liner and aeration system. However, it does involve digging a sizeable hole in the ground. You may wish to consult your local laws to see whether and where you are allowed to construct an in ground pond. 

The benefits of having a pond below ground are that it has a more natural appearance. You can more easily blend it into the natural landscape with stones and foliage. You also have more flexibility to have a deeper pond, which is better for your fish. The deeper the water, the more protection the fish have from animals and cold temperatures. On the other hand, you won’t be able to take the beautiful pond with you if you have to move someday. 

Pond Placement

If you go with an in ground pond, your pond placement may change based on the local rules. You don’t want to end up damaging utility lines! Even so, ponds should sit in a prominent place in the property; beside the front door, the patio, or the deck can do wonderfully. It should also be in the open air, where autumn leaves are less likely to fly in and create muck at the bottom. If you need expert assistance in creating a fine and functional garden pond, feel free to consult with Edward’s Lawn & Home! 

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