Tips for Creating a Small Garden Pond

Tips for Creating a Small Garden Pond

Edward’s Lawn & Home can help you add a beautiful garden pond to your backyard!

The home is where one can freely create an oasis to one’s own taste. The backyard is particularly the place someone will do their best to make comfortable for relaxing and entertaining. Plenty of ideas abound in creating the perfect garden, and one of these is creating a small garden pond to add a touch of water to the scenery. Note: be sure to check your local laws to see whether you can incorporate a garden pond into the yard, and consider whether a pond might pose a safety hazard to small children or pets. If you pass on both of these criteria, you can go ahead and make it real.


Many people put their garden pond at the back of the property, farthest from the house, but this will prevent you from enjoying it as the focal point that it is. Place it at a prominent point where you can view it from the house or your deck or patio. Also keep it in a clearing to prevent fall leaves from creating muck at the bottom.


Both professional and DIY kits can give you a pleasing result, though a professional job may give you options that a garden pond kit cannot. Your pond should be at least four feet deep if you add fish, or else, at least two feet deep. The deeper the water, the less likely it will freeze in winter. Always include a pond pump system to keep the water well-oxygenated.

Pond Water

If you plan on having fish in your pond, you will need to let the chlorine and fluoride in your tap water dissipate before putting it into the pond. The way to make this natural water is simply to let it sit in a tub for a day. However, you can also add tablets to speed up the process.


Be careful that the water plants you use won’t grow roots so thick they’ll trap your fish, or invasive species that will be too aggressive for the setting. Buy perennials, since they are much less costly than annuals, and look to native species for inspiration. Maryland has a wide variety from which to choose!


Different species of pond fish, like koi and goldfish, need different living conditions to thrive. Talk with a professional who can help you determine which species can get along best and can live well in your pond and climate. When adding them to the pond, be as gradual as possible. 

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