Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding

Benefits of Aeration and Overseeding

Prepare a beautiful lawn next spring with aeration and overseeding!

You’ve been taking good care of your lawn all summer long. You’ve watered it three times a week and even kept the crabgrass from cropping up. If you haven’t done those things for your lawn this year, you may have noticed some unsightly weeds, bare patches, and yellowing grass. Fear not; there is yet hope for creating a luscious, green lawn next year. However, the work begins this fall. Here’s why aeration and overseeding is a valuable lawn care practice.

What Is Aeration and Seeding?

Aeration and overseeding is the process of loosening the soil and replenishing it with new grass seeds. In aeration, one uses a machine to pull up plugs of dirt all across the yard. Over a short time, the soil will settle itself and fill up these holes once again. Afterward, one overseeds the area, especially where there are bare patches.

Why Fall?

Fall is the perfect season for nurturing grass for a strong start in spring. Moisture from the summer still lingers in the soil and air, and the days are relatively warm while the nights are cool. Weeds are at the end of their growing season. If your family and friends have spent time on the lawn at all, the grass may have taken some wear and tear. Just like one must clean up at the end of a party, so a homeowner ought to tend to the lawn after its high season. 

What’s the Reward?

There’s more than one reward with aeration and overseeding. Plenty of benefits come with each. First, aeration relieves soil compaction and reduces thatch buildup. With these two elements removed, the grassroots can then access much-needed moisture, nutrients, and air. Looser soil is healthier soil. Aeration gives the existing roots more room to grow deep and new seeds to have a safe and healthy place to germinate.

Aeration makes a way for overseeding to spread its goodness. A diverse mix of seeds helps the grass have stronger immunity against lawn diseases, and a thick turf stifles weed growth. Existing grass will always eventually need replacing. If brown patches are left alone, you are more likely to have mud puddles and an unsightly yard. Plus, weeds and diseases are more likely to crop up. As the summer draws to an eventual close, consider having aeration and overseeding for your lawn!

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