Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Water your lawn the right way with these tips!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that watering your lawn is as easy as can be. However, it’s really a science where you learn what your plants need and get the right amount. Too much water and you could create fungus, too little water and roots become shallow: all of these are reasons to learn to water your lawn properly. Water is a precious resource, and it ought to be treated as such, which is precisely why we’ve created this list of tips for watering your lawn the right way, every time.

Water Early

Your schedule may be such that you would like to water the lawn in the evening. However, this is when soil has already become warm and often wet, which can attract insects, fungus, or even diseases. Instead, water in the morning before the sunlight has reached its peak. The ground will still be cool, and your lawn will have plenty of time to reasonably dry.

Watering Intervals

Watering your lawn is often about timing. If you water often but only a bit at a time, this doesn’t promote as much growth as it may seem. Instead, water deeply but at fewer intervals, which helps get water down into your lawn and circulate nutrients.

Watch For Dry Spells

You need to be adaptive when watering your lawn. In other words, you must pay attention to the weather to determine just how much water your lawn needs. If you’ve had a dry spell lately, give your lawn an inch of water per week, or 90 minutes with a sprinkler. 

Sprinkler Systems

If you want to opt for an irrigation system, avoid those that spray tons of water into the air. That water typically ends up evaporating, for the most part, before it even hits your lawn. This is the same reason you should try to schedule your sprinkler system around very windy days. Ideally, you want to look for an irrigation system that has a fixture low to the ground.

Watering Enough

Concerned about if you’ve watered your lawn enough? Check the soil to see if it’s wet enough. You can use any tool, a screwdriver, for example, to see how deep the water has penetrated. If a screwdriver can’t get 6 inches deep into your soil, you need to water more. Irrigation systems can be helpful in making sure that you water enough.

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