Landscaping Projects to Do Before Spring

Landscaping Projects to Do Before Spring

The time to make your landscape its best is before spring. See how Edward’s Lawn & Home can help!

According to the beloved groundhog, spring is only six weeks away! Time flies, and if you are gearing toward tackling some spring landscaping projects, now may be the time to start. Believe it or not, winter is also a fine time to take on your landscaping dreams, paving the way for a peaceful, enjoyable spring. Edward’s Lawn & Home can help to achieve your landscaping goals swiftly and professionally. Below are a few major ways to prepare your landscape for spring.

Start Landscaping Projects Early

As mentioned above, you can get a head start on landscaping projects by calling your local landscaping company in the winter. Landscapers are usually less busy, the weather is cool and crisp, and nature is still dormant and out of the way. Winter can be a great time for projects ranging from hardscape installation to transplanting perennials.

Clean Up

The first step to any landscaping project is to clean up. Pick up fallen twigs and branches, rake any remaining dead leaves, and prune back plants as necessary. The Edward’s Lawn & Home crew can help to accomplish this in no time.

Prepare the Lawn

Next, consider your lawn. The time to attack weeds is now. Pre-emergent herbicides target weed seeds, prohibiting them from germinating as they might come spring. You won’t have to face stubborn, unsightly crabgrass this spring! At the same time, it is also a good idea to apply fertilizer to encourage your grass to grow strong. You do not have to seed the lawn now necessarily; as the grass emerges from dormancy, it can fill in the dead spots.

Keep Grass Shorter

Another trick to grooming a lush, healthy lawn is to mow more often in the spring, often enough to keep it short. If you mow the grass only after the blades become tall and long, you will stunt the root growth. Mowing the grass short, however, will encourage deeper root growth.

Trim Trees

This could count toward your pre-spring cleanup, but this task, in particular, could prove dangerous if ignored. After spring and summer storms, it is best to avoid going for a walk under large trees, as dying limbs could break from the moisture and crash onto your path. Keeping trees healthy includes removing dead, hanging limbs and rotting limbs before spring comes.

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