Is It Worth Planting Annuals?


Some say annuals aren’t worth planting, but here are several reasons why they are.

Flower gardens make room to appreciate the hundreds and thousands of flowering plant species in the world. With so many options, why would one not have a flower garden? Even if planting flowers in the yard isn’t a question, one is faced with discerning what kind of plants to use, which leads to an ongoing debate of perennials vs. annuals. Is it worth planting annuals? Indeed, there are several reasons why it is.

Have Color Immediately

One can buy annuals either fully grown at the garden center or grown from seed. If you are working with a landscape designer on an extensive project, the landscaping company can provide fresh annual blooms. Whatever way you go about it, annuals typically grow and bloom faster than perennials might, giving your garden instant color.

Have Color All Season

What’s more, the colors you desire for your garden will last all season long, whether it be spring through summer or the fall. Gardeners and passersby alike love annuals for their color alone, as these species tend to bloom with noticeably vibrant and generous blooms. Snapdragons, morning glories, petunias, impatiens, and zinnias are common examples.


One of the best aspects of annuals is that they are very forgiving. If you change your mind or want a change of scene, you have the option to plant anew next year. Each year, you can try out a different color scheme and collection of species. If you are gardening yourself, it gives you the ability to learn more and try out different gardening styles and techniques in years to come.

Combine with Perennials

One should remember that perennials and annuals are both flowers, just with different life cycles. One does not have to plant only perennials or only annuals. Rather, planting a healthy combination of both allows for more planting options and beautiful combinations.

The Possibility to Reseed

While most annuals die in the fall or winter, some will reseed and come up again year after year. In Maryland, it is best to plant new plantings in the early spring, between March and April, so that these flowers have more time to establish their roots. 

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