Maryland’s Lawn Care Calendar

Maryland’s Lawn Care Calendar

Nothing makes lawn care easier than a lawn care calendar!

Caring for the lawn means caring for the land, and Edward’s Lawn & Home offers the expertise and services you need to maintain it year-round. Lawn care services cover numerous issues, from soil pH to weed management to the height of the grass. To better understand what to expect in lawn care services year-round, here’s an overall look at Maryland’s lawn care calendar.


Maryland’s lawn care calendar begins with early spring, right before grass and weeds begin to grow once more. Between early March to mid-April, depending on your Maryland location, you’ll want to put down pre-emergent herbicide for crabgrass if your lawn experienced it last year. If your lawn suffered from Japanese stiltgrass also, put down applicable pre-emergent herbicide a couple of weeks beforehand. 

One should pull broadleaf and grassy weeds by hand and not use pre-emergent herbicide if you plan to reseed bare spots during this time as well. You do not need to use fertilizer if your lawn was fertilized last fall; be sure to know whether or not your pre-emergent herbicides contain fertilizer, as it will count toward the yearly feed.


If your Maryland lawn has fescue grass, a cool-season variety, then it will go dormant in the heat of summer and rejuvenate in fall again. Do not bother with watering fescue grass during the height of summer, and do not mow grass that isn’t growing. Keep grass cut taller during the warm months to block out weeds, and feel free to leave grass clippings over the lawn for added nitrogen. Check the lawn at the end of summer to see if it needs rejuvenating or aerating and overseeding. If your lawn does need a renovation, schedule it in with Edward’s Lawn & Home!


The early fall, at least two weeks before October 15, is the best time to carry out aerating and overseeding. The seedlings need time to establish themselves before the first frost hits. If you fertilize the lawn in the fall, it is best to do so before November 15. Do not apply fertilizer again until March 1 at earliest. Fall also marks the season to rake the leaves or mulch them in the lawnmower to add more nutrients to your grass. Mow the grass a half-inch or an inch shorter than normal to adjust for winter.


This spot on your Maryland lawn care calendar will look rather empty, but it still requires a few healthy habits. It’s best to avoid walking on frozen grass, as heavy traffic could damage their crowns. Do not use deicing chemicals with nitrogen or urea to prevent lawn damage, and maintain your lawn mower for next spring.

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