How to Water a Lawn with Clay Soil

How to Water a Lawn with Clay Soil

Is your lawn made of clay soil? Edward’s Lawn & Home can make lawn care and watering much easier!

Maryland is like a mini America, featuring the beach on one side, plains in the middle, and mountains in the west. With this progression of topographies come different soil types throughout the region. The soil tends to be sandy along the coast, but farther west, some people know they have clay soil. How does one care for and water a lawn with clay soil? 

About Clay Soil in Maryland

In central and western Maryland, one might have soil that is loamy, clay, or rocky. Loamy soil is a mixture of sand and clay. In general, soil is usually a mix of types and not 100% one kind or another. You can know if you have clay soil by moistening a small clod of dirt and rubbing it between your fingers. If it forms into a long ribbon, you have clay soil!

Clay consists of the smallest particles, meaning it can hold the most nutrients and retain the most water. However, it also means that it can be sticky when wet and hard as concrete when dry. Therefore, those of you who want to know how to care for and water a lawn with clay soil have their work cut out.

Caring for a Lawn with Clay Soil

It is not impossible or too strenuous to grow a healthy green lawn on clay soil. Aside from watering the lawn properly, one should also remember to follow the other healthy lawn tips:

  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn
  • Mulch fall leaves and leave them on the lawn
  • Don’t smother the lawn
  • Aerate the lawn, especially if you have clay soil
  • Add a top layer of compost or topsoil
  • Use an organic fertilizer

How to Water a Lawn with Clay Soil

Watering a lawn with clay soil or any other kind of soil is a science. Keeping your clay soil moist is the way to ensure it doesn’t become hard as a rock. When watering your lawn, it is best to do so either in the early morning or the late evening. You can set your sprinkler’s timer to go off at these times on a schedule. 

Also, keep in mind that each zone might have different watering requirements, and different sides of the house will need different amounts. A south-facing lawn will need more water than a north-facing one. For more details, see how Edward’s Lawn & Home can help!

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