How to Resolve Summer Stress on Your Lawn

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Read on for some tips to help ease the effects of summer stress on your lawn.

Summer is an incredibly stressful time for your landscaping, including your grass. The sun’s heat, periods of drought, and lawns see a lot more use and traffic during the summer months because of parties and the kids being out of school. Now that we’re moving into a much more temperate fall season, it’s time to think about how we can help our lawns de-stress and recuperate before they go dormant for the winter (and so that your lawn is less likely to have lawn disease). Read on for some tips to help ease the effects of summer stress on your lawn.

Mowing Technique

Cool season grasses prefer to be cut taller. If you’re mowing your grass too short, you’re harming it – during both the summer and the fall. Grass blades and root structures grow proportionally, so grass that is always short only develops shallow roots. Short cuts also allow weeds more access to sunlight, so leaving your grass longer can decrease the workload of pulling weeds. Next, make sure that your mower blade is sharp. A dull mower blade will not cut grass well and instead knock it down and roll over. This is harmful to the whole plant.

Water At the Right Times

Falls tend to bless lawns with rain reasonably often in this area, but the days are still pretty hot. If you water your lawn, complete it early in the day. Mornings between 6 am, and 10 am are ideal for watering. This period is the most efficient time to water so that it gets to the roots before evaporating.

Stay Off the Grass

The most critical thing to memorize is that your grass is a plant. Most plants don’t love to be stepped on, and your grass isn’t any different. Giving your grass time to recuperate from the stress of summer means keeping traffic off it as much as possible.

Aerate And Overseed as Needed

Fall is an excellent time for aerating and over-seeding if your grass needs it. Aeration is especially important for clay-based souls, which easily get compacted during the summer months. If your lawn has spots or otherwise needs to be filled in, after you aerate is the ideal time to overseed.

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