Ways to Protect Your HOA Landscaping Areas from Snow Removal Damage

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How do you protect your HOA landscaping area from snow removal damage?

Heavy snowfall is on the way, and we all know what kind of damage that can bring with it. Ever had an experience where the snow starts to melt, and you realize just how much damage has been done, not just from the snow itself but from snow removal damage as well? Protecting HOA landscaping areas does require a few preventive steps, but it’s certainly not impossible. After the damage, there’s always concern over who is responsible for fixing it: the HOA or the snow removal companies. Let’s make things a bit easier by avoiding snow removal damage in the first place.

Use Snow Stakes

Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible—and even somewhat familiar—for snow plows to break curbs. If you install snow stakes, it helps mark driveways and parking lanes. They can be installed at the beginning of winter and removed as soon as spring rolls around, giving snow plow drivers a convenient clue as to where pavement ends and lawns start. If you want to avoid snow removal damage, snow stakes are an excellent way to protect curbs and properties.

Avoid Oversalting

Salt and other ice melt materials are useful for keeping everyone safe by removing potentially-dangerous ice. However, they also trigger a lot of damage to lawns and other plants. Ensure your HOA and snow removal company communicate, so they know where and how much salt to use. That way, you prevent burning your lawn and unnecessarily harming plants.

Protecting Shrubs

Snow might look soft and pillowy once it’s down, but it can get quite heavy. That means that, if left unattended, enough snow could cause damage to shrubs and trees. A good snow removal company should be aware of this and take steps to remove snow from your shrubs. Otherwise, branches might start breaking due to the accumulated weight of snowfall.

Plan Ahead

Stay in constant communication. Your HOA and snow removal company should be on the same page about when snow removal will happen, especially if there’s an upcoming blizzard coming your way. Also, you want to ensure you’re working with reputable snow removal companies that you know you can rely on. You don’t want to be put in a situation where you expect snow removal after a considerable storm only to be left out in the cold.

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