Snow Removal: How to Protect Your Landscape


Learn about snow removal and how to protect your landscape.

Learn about snow removal and how to protect your landscape.

Winter can be a dangerous time for your landscape. Not only is the weather rough, but snow removal can cause even more issues to your lawn. How you handle snow removal can have severe effects on your landscape, but with a little knowledge and care, you can avoid most issues and have a healthy landscape come spring.

Mark Your Property

One of the worst ways you can damage your landscape is by accidentally plowing past where your asphalt ends. Not only can you accidentally take out small trees and shrubs depending on the snow’s depth, but you might also shave off the top layer of grass and topsoil, hurting your lawn. To prevent this type of damage, the best thing to do is place tall markers along your driveway and any walkways to ensure that the spaces that need to be plowed and cleared are easily distinguishable.

Use Less Damaging Removal Methods

When removing snow, it may be more beneficial to use a less abrasive method. Plows and some shovels can have a sharp, blade-like front that can cause significant damage to your landscape if it hits. Additionally, plows push masses of snow into single areas, causing the area to be significantly weighted and result in damage the roots and soil compaction.

Using a snow blower, on the other hand, prevents many of these risks as it distributes the snow more regularly and doesn’t have a blade. On smaller sections like paths and cobblestones, using a broom rather than a shovel can remove much of the snow without damaging the stones. Additionally, a broom can remove more of the snow if it is a lighter powder, which means you can reduce the amount of salt or salt alternatives you’ll need to use.    

Keep Weight Off The Lawn

During the winter, your lawn is still at risk of damage. If too much weight is placed on it, the roots can become irreparably damaged. With that in mind, it’s important to refrain from letting large piles of snow sit in one spot. You will also want to refrain from driving or parking vehicles on your lawn.

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