Spring Garden Clean Up Tips

Spring Garden Clean Up Tips

Is it time for the annual garden clean up? Make sure to check these items off your list.

Spring is here in Maryland, and the flowers and cherry blossoms have bloomed. The time to invest in the outdoors is here again, and as the weather continues to warm, homeowners’ gardening instincts are coming alive. It is time for the annual spring garden clean up; below you can find the tips to help you get started!

When to Do Garden Clean Up

There is certainly no fixed date for when to begin a spring garden clean up, but one can tell when the season is right. If the ground is still wet, it can easily compact, which is not the ideal condition for new and old plantings. When the weather is warm and dry enough, you can then dig in.

Out with the Old

Part of taking care of the landscape in the spring is cleaning up what’s leftover from the year before. Clean up debris like dead branches and leaves from the yard, garden beds, and pathways first. If you find dead plants in the garden, remove them properly. Getting rid of this debris will prevent pests and diseases from forming in your yard.

The Lawn

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate the lawn. To keep your lawn healthy, one must consider if there are any bare patches, weeds, or diseased spots. Several types of fungus and mold can spread on lawns, so one must beware of snow mold and other turf fungi. Meanwhile, aeration and overseeding loosen up the winter soil while refreshing it with new seeds for a thick and healthy lawn. Should your yard have weeds, services like Edward’s Lawn & Home can take care of them in a nature-friendly manner.

The Garden

The garden, another hotspot for weeds, needs diligent work to rid them, roots and all. Shrubs and other plants may need pruning to keep the plants healthy and in the desired shape. Mulch is the other essential factor in spring garden clean up, and there are various types of mulch to fit one’s garden needs.

The Hardscapes

Hardscapes include pathways, platforms, and borders such as driveways, walkways, patios, decks, retaining walls, and fences. After removing the debris from these surfaces, they will need routine care depending on their material. The most common tasks to perform are refilling sand or gravel between patio or pathway stones, washing off lichen or fungus, and sealing wood decks and fences. 

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