Maintaining Your Grass Green During the Summer Season

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No one likes a brown lawn in their yard. To keep your grass green during the summer heat, try out these tips!

While summertime may be unavoidable, a brown lawn doesn’t have to be. To enjoy a forest green lawn all summer long, you can hire a landscaping team to assist you with everything from providing full-service landscape maintenance to winter snow removal services. Alternatively, you can also keep your grass green by performing the following techniques:

Lawn Mower Maintenance

To reduce harming your grass, make sure you practice good mower maintenance. This includes sharpening the blades and changing the oil, filter, and spark plugs. Avoid leaving brown tips on the grass blades by not using dull mower blades as they will tear, not cut your turf.

Furthermore, leave the grass around 3 inches high by applying your lawnmower in a high setting. Taller blades keep your lawn’s root system cool during the hot summer months by providing more shade. As a result, more profound, stronger roots develop.

Water Your Lawn Regularly

Another way to maintain your grass green is by watering your lawn consistently and deeply – preferably at 1 to 1.5 inches of water once or twice a week. Even better if you have a home irrigation system that can be pre-programmed to take care of the watering. When watering your turf, early morning is the perfect time leaving your grass plenty of time to dry out during the day. This prevents grass fungal diseases in your lawn.

Use Fertilizer

Making sure you fertilize your lawn is essential to keeping it healthy. Adding lawn fertilizer to your soil simply improves the existing nutrients that your yard has. To eliminate the fast growth from your turf, a lower nitrogen content fertilizer between 10 and 14 will maintain your grass green.

Another option is using a mulching mower that naturally fertilizes the lawn by recovering the nutrients in the grass clippings and returning them to the soil. As a rule of thumb, apply the fertilizer evenly and wisely because too much of it can convert the grass brown. Ultimately, there is a variety of lawn fertilizers in the market to meet the needs of your lawn.  

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