How To: Paver Patio Installation

How To: Paver Patio Installation

Here are the steps to building a fine paver patio.

A paver patio is an excellent way to provide outdoor living space to your backyard. Pavers come in a plentiful selection of colors and materials. If you decide to do the project yourself, expect to take more than one day, depending on how large your patio will be. Remember that proper installation is just as important to the final product as the materials themselves.


Start with a decided design for your patio’s layout, materials, and pattern. Map out the area so you will know it can fit all your patio furniture, and test how it will affect your home’s interior views. If you plan to install heavy equipment like an outdoor kitchen or a hot tub on top of it, use pavers twice as thick. Jack-on-jack and running bond are easier patterns than the herringbone or pinwheel, but be sure to look at various designs before locking in on one.


Once you have decided on the dimensions, materials, and pattern of your patio, prepare the land by marking out the perimeter with garden stakes and mason’s line. You can use marking paint in addition. The mason’s line will help you determine the height of the paver patio.


Next, dig out the area and have it slope away from the house 1 inch per 4-8 feet. Compact with a rented plate compactor. Remember to call 811 to check for utility lines and to dig deep enough for the next two layers. Then, lay down landscape fabric and pour on 6 inches of gravel. Smooth with the compactor. 

When laying down your 1 inch of paver sand, place two 1-inch PVC pipes or another material parallel within the perimeter. Layer sand until it lightly covers them. Then, with a long, flat object like a 2×4 plank, level the sand over the pipes. Remove the pipes carefully and fill in the spaces with sand. 


Lightly mist the sand to keep it in place as you install the pavers. You may need to cut some pieces, in which case a concrete saw or wet saw will help. Leave a quarter-inch gap between the pavers. Also, add a border and secure with landscape nails. Then add polymeric sand and fill in the gaps, and choose a day when no rain is in the forecast. Brush excess sand off the surface and mist with water to activate the binding agent. Let the paver patio sit for 24 hours to solidify, and then bring out your furniture, friends, and family to enjoy it.

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