Natural Ways to Protect Plants from Pests

Natural Ways to Protect Plants from Pests

Protect your plants with these natural and effective pesticides.

With the temperatures warming up, insects are cropping up everywhere. It is well known that some insects are terrible pests when it comes to plants. However, several incredibly easy and convenient natural remedies exist that homeowners can use that relieve a lot of the stress associated with insects harming your plants. Here are some of the best natural remedies you can use to protect your beautiful plants from all those garden pests.

Soap And Water

A couple of things you probably have in your home, soap and water, make an excellent natural pest repellent. Simply mix five tablespoons of your standard dish soap with approximately four cups of water and pour that into a bottle. Make sure that you have a spray top to secure the bottle; then, go ahead and spray your homemade solution onto the plants. The reason this natural remedy works so well is that the soap dehydrates the aphids as well as spider mites, providing some health and nurture for your plants.

Neem Oil Spray

For those who like to use natural products, neem oil may be a household staple. Besides its medicinal benefits, this oil can be used for your plants as well. Made from the seeds that come from neem trees, neem oil is antifungal and a natural insecticide that can help detract pests from your plants.

Pyrethrum Spray

Another natural insecticide, pyrethrum spray is made from dried chrysanthemum flowers and used by many to keep their plants healthy. To strengthen your soapy water pesticide, mix the powder with some water and dish soap to create a natural spray to put on your plants. Pyrethrum spray can help assist you from flying insects by paralyzing them. 


It’s not just for drinking anymore. Beer can serve as a very useful insecticide. It turns out it’s not just humans who enjoy it; snails and slugs like it too. Set out some saucers of beer to swiftly trap and prevent all these little critters from munching on your plant’s leaves and roots. Grape juice or grapefruit and orange rinds can serve as a useful trap as well. 

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