How to Water Plants While On Vacation

How to Water Plants While On Vacation

Going on vacation? Learn how to give your plants a drink while you’re away.

In the last stretch of glorious summer, it’s time to take one last vacation and soak up some sun. However, you don’t want to come back home and find that your plants got too much sun. You can’t water them while you’re away, so how can you keep them well throughout that time? Don’t worry; there are several ways to keep your plants well hydrated.

Find a Gardening Neighbor

If you can, recruit the assistance of a neighbor who has some experience in gardening. Even if your neighbor knows only a little about caring for plants, you can help out by recording some observations beforehand. Note how much water different plants need and how often they need it. You can set an outline of instructions such as, “Water this category of plants with one cup of water each, once a week.”

Water and Mulch

If you are just leaving for a few days, a good soak and some insulating mulch can do the trick. After heartily watering your plants, check to see how deep the moisture is in the soil. If it’s a few inches deep, your plants are set for the next few days. Don’t forget to layer 2-3 inches of mulch on top to keep the moisture in the ground for longer. Avoid over-mulching, as this can suffocate the roots.

Set Up an Irrigation System

With a large area of ground, an irrigation system can come in handy. Drip irrigation is a centuries-old way of keeping plants well-watered. You can attach a timer to the spigot and regulate how often or how seldom your plants receive water.

Timed Sprinkler System

Another way is to set a timer on your sprinkler system. Perhaps just as effective as a drip irrigation system, a timed sprinkler system can cover a large area with a prescribed amount and time.

Bottle System

A more on-demand approach, you could also make use of empty plastic water bottles or empty wine bottles to feed the plants. Fill up the bottles with fresh water, and stick them upside down into the ground next to the targeted plants. Another way is to fill plastic water bottles, punch a tiny hole on the bottom side of them, and stick them a couple inches in the ground next to the desired plants.

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