3 Common Questions About Lawn Watering And Irrigation Answered

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Check out the answers the three common questions about lawn watering and irrigation.

The topics of lawn watering and irrigation can come with a variety of questions from homeowners. If you have questions about your lawn, such as how long and often you should be watering or when is the best time to water, we’ve got the answers!

How Often To Water Your Lawn

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to this question, as watering requirements change based on variables. A few of those variables include soil type, grass type, temperature, wind, humidity, and the irrigation equipment you use. The majority of your lawn watering questions can be answered when you know more about your yard, including your area’s climate conditions, the type of grass and plants you have, how your lawn reacts to water and fertilizer, and how your irrigation system works.

The best answer to the question is that your lawn should be watered as often as it needs it. When you notice your grass is wilting or when the soil is dry, this is a sign that your grass is thirsty and needs water. As you can imagine, lawns need more water during the dry summer months, so be prepared to do some inspections to know when you should turn on the irrigation system.

How Long To Water Your Lawn

When you decide it’s time to water your lawn, it’s important to know that you should always water thoroughly. The only time your grass needs a light sprinkling of water is when lawn seed is first put down; after that, each time you water, the ground and soil should be soaked to a depth of four to six inches. A deep watering allows the grass to absorb more water and necessary nutrients, and keeps your lawn healthy through the hot summer.

The Best Time To Water Your Lawn

There are varying opinions about when is the best time of day to water the lawn, but many people believe that early morning is the most effective. This is especially true for the summer, as the sun only gets stronger and hotter throughout the day, so watering in peak temperatures results in evaporation. The early mornings have less sunlight and lower temperatures, allowing your lawn to soak up more water. However, it’s crucial to remember that your lawn should only be watered when it needs it, rather than what works best for your schedule.

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