Safety Tips For Enjoying Your Outdoor Fire Pit This Summer

Check out these safety tips for enjoying your outdoor fire pit this summer.

Check out these safety tips for enjoying your outdoor fire pit this summer.

Outdoor fire pits are one of the most popular landscape design features, and can enhance any backyard or patio. However, before you enjoy your fire pit with friends and family this summer, it’s crucial to understand fire safety and potential dangers. Continue reading for a few safety tips, then give Edward’s Lawn and Home a call to install a beautiful fire pit in your yard!

Fire Safety

We know that fire can be extremely dangerous, so it’s crucial to have basic fire safety knowledge before using your fire pit. One of the most important rules is to keep your fire small, as the bigger the flames, the greater the risk of creating an emergency situation. Also, the location of the fire pit is a significant decision. The fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from any structures, or combustible objects. The weather also plays a role in fire safety, as windy conditions can blow embers and lead to a disaster. Check the weather before lighting the fire, and keep a bucket of water or hose nearby at all times to be prepared for an emergency.

Starting/Putting Out A Fire

Starting a fire must be done correctly, or you will set yourself up for a bad situation. The best way to start a fire is to put a crumpled piece of paper (or a store-bought fire starter) in the pit, then cover with small sticks. As the fire starts to burn, then you can start to add bigger sticks, until you move up to a log or two when the flames get higher.

As for extinguishing a fire, take the ashes and spread them over a larger surface area and allow them to cool down. Then, take a small container of water and gently pour over the ashes, but stay near the fire pit to monitor it. If you throw water on the pit then leave immediately, it can flare up during the night and become an extreme hazard. As long as you use common sense and are careful with your outdoor fire pit, you will enjoy the great benefits it can bring to your family and yard!

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