A Quick How-To on Deck Installation

deck installation

A beautiful new deck is easy to achieve!

A DIY deck is a beautiful addition to any home that DIY enthusiasts of all levels can take on, from newbies to master carpenters. If you are thinking about embarking on some DIY decking installation, read on for all the tips and tricks you’ll need for a beautiful result.

The Materials You Need for Deck Installation

You can’t build the deck of your dreams from thin air! Here’s what you’ll need for the best deck possible:

-Concrete deck piers
-2×6 Pressure-treated beams
-Tape measure
-48 in. Level
-Miter saw
-Paint edger
-Weatherproofing Stain and Sealer
-Impact driver
-Outdoor deck screws
-Tile spacers
-Water seal
-Paint roller
-Paint tray
-Wood planer
-2×4 Douglas Fir wood
-Weed Barrier

Get Planning

For a small and simple deck, plan first with pressure-treated beams by setting an excellent foundation. Before this you will need to take measurements so you know exactly how much space you are working with and what can be done with it.

Tips For Placing Deck Footings

How you place your deck footings will depend on whether you want stairs or not, however, these general tips will help them be as stable as possible. Placing gravel at the bottom of each footing will lessen potential sliding issues. Also, make use of a long level on the top of your joist beams to make sure that your deck is completely flat. Also, do not get ahead of yourself re-burying deck piers until they are all laid out, in case they need to be changed during the process. Remember, you don’t want the wood touching the ground, so do not make your wood slats too low. Be sure to lay a weed barrier cloth below any construction or spray the area with weed killer first.

Prep Your Deck Wood

Use a wood planer on whatever side of the wood you choose to face out. This will make sure that all of your wood is the same exact height and also ensure that it has a beautiful smooth finish.

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