Game Winning Drive: Residential Driveway Repair

residential driveway repair

When it comes to residential driveway repair, the cost can be high.

When it comes to residential driveway repair, the cost can be high, and it can be hard to know exactly which avenue to pursue for your driveway. Depending on your unique situation, it may be more prudent to patch, repair, or go for total replacement. However, knowing which one to do can be a challenge. Read on to learn more about residential driveway repair so you can make the best possible choice for your property.  

When To Opt For Patching

Temperature fluctuations and the wear of heavy vehicles will eventually wear down your driveway. This is, unfortunately, inevitable. Damage usually shows up as small cracks. If the cracks are less than a quarter inch wide, this indicates that you are only dealing with surface damage. In these cases, patching will do fine.  

When To Opt For Repair

While you will inevitably have to replace your driveway, some larger cracks can be temporarily held at bay with certain measures. You can even fix holes using patching material that has been tamped down to a height even with the rest of the driveway. It is important to remember that these solutions are not permanent solutions, and eventually you will need to replace your driveway.

When To Opt For Replacement

If your driveway is full of deep holes and cracks, this indicates deep structural problems which cannot be wholly fixed. The age of your driveway also matters. If your asphalt driveway is pushing 20 years old, or your paver or concrete driveway is coming up on that 25 year mark, complete replacement is most likely the best option. After numerous years spent enduring freeze-thaw cycles, inclement weather, and the constant wear and tear of vehicle use, these materials simply start to degrade. Even if your driveway is incredibly old, small repairs can extend its life, but there may come a point when constantly patching your driveway is no longer worth it.  

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