Benefits of LED Outdoor Lighting

LED outdoor lighting

What are some of the many benefits of LED lighting and how can it set your landscaping apart from the other houses on the block?

LED lights are incredibly versatile and gaining popularity for residential and commercial use. What are some of the many benefits of LED lighting and how can it set your landscaping apart from the other houses on your block? Let’s find out together in this blog:

It Can Adjust Based on the Surrounding Light

Ambient light sensors (ALS) can sense how much light is around them and then adjust accordingly. Just like the nightlight in your kid’s room turns off during the bright light of day, your LED outdoor lighting can sense the bright sun and turn off or gradually adjust as the sun sets. This can save you money and energy over time (in addition to being pretty cool!).

It Is Incredibly Energy Efficient

LED indoor lighting and LED outdoor lighting are the most energy efficient options available. Bulbs can last for tens of years instead of just months and they are available in just about every color imaginable. LED lights also offer a clearer and brighter light for the energy that they use. Many people think of the cool lights of older LED outdoor lighting, but modern LEDs are available with warm white light or cool white light.

It Can Tell Where You Are

LED lighting is now becoming integrated with smart home technology for a very cool effect. More and more LED lighting is designed with controls like sensors or programmable features to be highly customizable. Do you want your LED outdoor lighting to turn a different color for a holiday? Would you like your LED outdoor lighting to turn on at a certain time or turn off at another? Would you even like to program an elaborate Christmas light display set to music? It’s almost always possible with LED outdoor lighting. The future of LED lighting is certainly bright!

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