Landscape Design that Works Hard in Winter

winter landscaping

Certain types of landscaping withstand winter conditions better than others.

The winter can wreak havoc on your landscaping if you aren’t prepared for it—inches of heavy snow melting on top of delicate plants, whistling winds ripping off dead limbs from your trees, and huge icicles on top of your hardscaping. How can you design your landscape so that it will last all winter long and make it to see another spring? Here are some landscape design tips you can use all year long!

For Reducing the Expense of Snow Removal

If you are concerned about easy snow removal during the winter at your residential or commercial property, make sure that you:

  • Have a wide driveway for easy plowing
  • Allow a portion of your yard or the road out front for placing the snow when it is plowed
  • Keep your landscaping visible so that nothing gets hit or damaged
  • Get an even surface for your walkways so that an uneven flagstone doesn’t cause a huge spill
  • Don’t place lighting or gates immediately next to the driveway where they can be damaged by a road plow

For Using Your Landscape During the Winter

If you still love spending time outside in the winter, there are a few options that can make your landscape design much more enjoyable in the icy months:

  • Low-voltage lighting that allows the beauty and crisp whiteness of the landscape to take center stage
  • Heated pathways will allow you to never worry about ice or snow accumulating on the stones you walk on to enjoy your landscape design
  • Covered structures can help you enjoy your grill or hot tub even in the coldest months
  • Interesting plants that are perennial or sturdy like oriental grasses or evergreens

Choose the Right Materials for the Job

The most important part of winter landscape design is choosing materials that can hold up to the cold and all of the weather. The best materials for the season are:

  • Pavers, as they thaw quickly
  • Locally-sourced stone, which will be more acclimated to your weather cycles
  • Sealant with grit to keep slippery surfaces walkable
  • High-quality wood that can easily shed water if you want to use your deck in winter

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