This Summer, Make Lawn Stressors No Sweat!

lawn stressors

Today we are going to talk about certain lawn stressors and how to avoid them to keep your lawn perfect all summer long.

We all know the struggle of this season: frequent lawn mowing, too little rain, too much rain, children at play everywhere, there is a lot that can go wrong for your lawn. The summer can be rough on your lawn but it doesn’t have to be a stressor. Today we are going to talk about certain lawn stressors and how to avoid them to keep your lawn perfect all summer long.

Lawn Stressors

Some factors that can stress your lawn are heat, foot traffic, and dry weather. Depending on where you live you may get one of these more than the other. When the heat beats down on your lawn it can make it dehydrated and the grass may stop growing. Foot traffic, especially on a dry lawn can lead to soil compaction and damage your grass.

Feed Your Lawn

If you live in a dry area or it hasn’t been raining as it normally does make sure that you water your lawn. Scott’s recommends watering in the morning between six and ten am to keep water from evaporating as quickly. Watering in the afternoon or evening can lead to quick evaporation due to the heat. Be cautious however and don’t over-water your lawn, if you do it may not recover any quicker.

Adjust Your Mower

Most lawn types should be cut high, following the one-third rule, only the top one-third of a blade of grass should be cut. Having your mower deck any lower than this can cause stress on the grass, crushing it or keeping it from being able to grow back in a healthy way. Remember that taller grass grows deeper roots.

Fertilize in the Fall

After a summer of dry weather, it is recommended that you fertilize in the fall so the grass is encouraged to grow. Fertilizing during the summer can put your lawn at risk for poor quality grass.

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