Preventing Lawn Diseases This Spring

lawn diseases

Everyone loves a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn, but with all the lawn diseases out there it can be hard to maintain it.

Everyone loves a beautiful, green, and healthy lawn, but with all the lawn diseases out there it can be hard to maintain it. Here are some ways to prevent lawn diseases and keep your grounds happy and healthy as the weather warms. This will ensure that your lawn is enjoyable all year. 

Keep Up With Regularly Feeding Your Lawn

Nutrient deficiencies can do a lot of damage to lawns. From brittle and dry grass to brown spots, to lack in growth, an unhealthy lawn will never look like it should. It is important to keep up with regular feedings to keep your lawn looking its best. Feed your lawn two times a year with the right products. This will keep it well nourished and able to fend off many lawn diseases effectively.

Proper Watering

Many people think that more water is always better and that a lawn needs to be practically drenched in order to stay healthy. As the weather gets hot, many people make the mistake of accidentally harming their lawns by overwatering, because they think they need to compensate for the dry weather. Rather than watering constantly, find out what kind of grass you have, and water it as recommended. Overwatering can create a sodden and soggy lawn where lawn diseases can thrive. Watering in the morning is always best, so excess water evaporates, rather than pooling and causing problems overnight.

Keep Your Lawn At The Right Height

No two grasses are the same. Find out which type of grass you have, and which height will keep it healthiest, and stick to that. If you mow your lawn too short, it can actually harm your grass and damage it, which leaves your lawn open to contracting lawn diseases. Regular mowings at the right height, on the other hand, help keep grass healthy.

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