Elevate Your Commercial Property Summer Maintenance

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Follow these critical tips to elevate your commercial property summer maintenance.

Summertime brings different challenges for those managing commercial sites in Maryland. You don’t want the heat and dryness to wilt your flowers and plants and make your landscape look rough. In contrast, you want color, magnificent visual appeal, and professional aesthetics to help bring tenants, employees, and guests. Follow these critical tips to elevate your commercial property summer maintenance.

Modify Your Summer Mowing Schedule

What’s essential in summer is that mowing is done using the proper technique. You want to ensure your commercial turf is mowed 3 or 4 inches high. This will shade out weeds, promote more profound lawn root growth, and prevent your grass from burning due to limited water and high heat. Since your turf doesn’t grow fast as it does in spring, mowing frequency decreases. Fortunately, the Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping team will avoid tearing the turf using high-quality sharpened mower blades.

Inspect and Revise Your Summer Irrigation Schedule

Mowing is crucial if you desire your commercial facility in Maryland to have expensive areas of green turf, lush, and water. In addition, an established commercial lawn will need at least up to 1.5. inches of water weekly. Our commercial property summer maintenance crew will ensure to adjust your turf zone accordingly. Your facility will require more water to thrive as rainfall decreases in the summer.

Take Advantage of Summer Colors

Summer can deliver beautiful blooms to your commercial facility, so ensure the seasonal color is part of your commercial property summer maintenance services. Where should you install color in the summer? The best places on a commercial landscape typically receive the most traffic. They include vehicular and pedestrian entry points, outdoor seating areas, and near key signage.

Pruning Matters

As summer ends, consider tree and shrub pruning as part of your commercial property maintenance services. During this process, our landscape technicians will eliminate dead, weak, or broken trees and shrubs to maintain a fresh look. You want your perennials to grow back stronger and look better yearly. So, proper pruning will help them do that.

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