Why Your Residential Landscape Needs Lawn Weed Control Services

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An essential service necessary for your lawn’s health is weed control.

Your residential landscape requires many services to keep it healthy and growing correctly. Without these services, the turf will not reach optimal conditions. Also, proper fertilization ensures your grass and landscape plants are strong enough to fight off disease and insects. Another vital service necessary for your lawn’s health is weed control.

Prevent Weeds Before They Take Over

If your landscape hasn’t been treated for weeds before, a lot will be growing there. Thankfully, a pre-emergent treatment attacks weeds before they start to grow. Also, herbicides are developed to kill weeds, specifically keeping your plants and grass safe. So, applying weed control and a routine fertilizer treatment will make your lawn thrive. Call Edward’s Lawn & Landscaping at 443-341-6539 for weed control services!

Protect Your Nutrients

Weeds develop more quickly than your grass and landscape plants do. This means they absorb the nutrients from your soil and gain access to water and sunlight before your turf does. In addition, the critical nutrients in the soil that your plants need are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. When weeds take those, your plants will weaken. As a result, weaker plants cannot fight off insect infestations or plant diseases.

Moreover, allowing weeds to stay in your yard develops a nutrient imbalance in your soil. Since weeds spread quickly, they can affect all the grass and plants growing on your property.

Save Time and Protect Your Landscape Investment

As a homeowner or business owner, you’ve made landscaping or lawn investments throughout the years. One of them is applying weed control. Fortunately, regular weed control treatments can save you time to spend with friends and family. Furthermore, some weeds may be poisonous and cause health issues if your pet eats them. Consequently, you can expect an expensive vet bill for rashes, vomiting, and more.

Also, flowering weeds can attract wasps and bees and can sting you or your children if you walk barefoot in the grass. So, are you ready to get those stubborn weeds out of your garden? Reach out to us to receive your weed control services immediately!

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