Tune Up Your Lawn Mower!

Tune Up Your Lawn Mower!

It’s springtime everyone! It is time to roll out that lawn mower for the first time of the season.

It’s springtime everyone! It is time to roll out those lawnmowers for the first time of the season. However, you will be disheartened when you give that starter cord a good yank and nothing happens. Believe it or not, you may only have yourself to blame for not getting a tune up. Instead of admiring your freshly cut front and back yards’ hours later, you are probably reading through the owner’s manual or standing in line at the local hardware store.

Plan Accordingly

Your best bet would be taking your lawn mower to the shop in the fall or winter months. This way you will avoid the spring rush and will not be forced to wait when spring rolls around. Later on, you will be happy that you spent the money having a professional tune up your lawn mower.

Do It Yourself

If you are the kind of person who likes doing things on their own or maybe you just do not want to spend the extra cash, you can certainly tune up your lawn mower by yourself. Your lawn mower comes with an owner’s manual with maintenance instructions that you will want to read over. Some things you should look to do would be to tighten fasteners as needed, service the air filter, clean the mower thoroughly, replace damaged or worn parts, lubricate your mower where the owner’s manual recommends, touch up all rusted or chipped paint surfaces and if applicable remove the battery from your mower and fully charge it before you store it.

The Basics of a Lawn Mower Tune Up

Whether you decide to take your lawn mower to a professional or do the job on your own, a tune up consists of the same tasks; changing the oil, changing the spark plug, and changing/cleaning the air filter.

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