How To Enhance a Detention Pond on Your Commercial Property

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Fortunately, there are ways to enhance a detention pond on your commercial property.

A detention pond on your commercial property is vital because it aids in storm water management. An above-ground detention pond or basin is cost-effective. However, it can also be unappealing. It presents a problem when detention basins have to sit in the front of a commercial property or anywhere clients or buyers can see them. Fortunately, there are ways to enhance a detention pond on your commercial property. Here are five ideas!

Shape the Detention Pond on Your Commercial Property in a Natural Way

Sloped detention basins with sharp angles don’t appear natural-looking and aren’t as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Create a natural shape by having a professional landscape architect review the engineered plans to soften how the detention basin feels while integrating the grades into the surrounding topography. If this is a newly-constructed building, shape the basin to work with the land’s natural flow instead of engineering it.

Plant Native Plants Around the Detention Pond on Your Commercial Property

The goal is to blend the detention basins into the surrounding landscape to bring less attention: select native or indigenous plants to plant along the basin’s edge inside and outside the fenced area. Additionally, allow the fence line to flow with the topography and drop below the line of vision to make the site less visible. In this case, seeing a straight, engineered fence line isn’t appealing.

Plant Evergreens and Deciduous Plants

Evergreens are adaptive because their foliage remains green and functional throughout more than one growing season, while the deciduous plants (falling off or shedding seasonally) will create visual interest. The juxtaposed colors, textures, and flowers will be eye-capturing.

Plant Trees

Cypress, Redwood, and Red Maple trees are perfect for enhancing a detention pond on your commercial property, particularly during the fall. Place trees around the detention pond’s perimeter to provide contrast and interest. The trees break up the ground plane while aiding in the absorption of the standing water.

Don’t Limit Your Creativity

These structures look better when they appear to be a beautifully landscaped pond versus an apparent stormwater management structure. All it takes is mindfulness and effort on the front end.

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