Springtime Checklist For Your Irrigation System

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Check out our springtime checklist for your irrigation system.

Your irrigation system is the key to keeping your lawn and garden beautiful and healthy all summer long. Now that we are well into spring, it’s time to make sure that your irrigation system is in top shape. Follow these simple steps to make sure everything is going right so that your automatic sprinkler system can keep your lawn healthy and also save you time and money.

Wait For The Thaw

We are clearly beyond the freeze now, but for future reference, you need to wait till the ground is really thawed before doing your spring sprinkler maintenance. The ground is always the last thing to thaw, and if you turn on the sprinkler when the ground is still frozen it could damage the pipes. Use a shovel and make sure that the ground is frost-free at least 12 inches down.

Check The Controls

Start by checking the controls and programs for your irrigation system. Clean away the dust and cobwebs that have accumulated and check to make sure that the date and time are correct. If they aren’t, update them so that you know it will operate correctly. The backup battery should be replaced every six months, so if you can’t remember the last time you changed it, now is a good time. You should also keep a copy of the watering schedule by the controls.

Check The Sprinkler Heads

Next, you need to check for stones, dirt, and sand that could be obstructing the flow from the sprinkler heads. The sprinkler heads sometimes also get buried during the winter. When this happens, the buried heads don’t deliver water to their section of the yard, while the other heads deliver too much water. This is not just a problem for the health of your lawn but also for your wallet as it wastes water. This is also a great time to replace any components that have been chipped or damaged over the winter.

Look For Leaks

When you open the main valve for the first time, do it slowly so that the pipes fill gradually. Opening it too quickly can cause water hammer, a surge in pressure that can damage pipes.  You should check your system for leaks, including all of the valves. Valves help the irrigation system distribute the water evenly. Leaky valves will cost you money and waste water.

Monitor Pressure

Too much water pressure can damage your pipes and sprinkler systems. After you turn it on for the season, make sure the pressure is in the safe range for your system. Invest in a pressure gauge, and if the pressure is too high, you may also need to buy a pressure regulator.

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