4 Mulching Mistakes To Avoid On Your Landscape

Learn about four mulching mistakes to avoid on your landscape.

Learn about four mulching mistakes to avoid on your landscape.

Mulching can have many benefits for your lawn, but there are a few mistakes you can make that will hurt your plants and grass. Continue reading to learn about four mistakes you must avoid from mulching your landscape to keep it healthy and looking clean!

Too Much Mulch

Did you know that you can over-mulch your lawn? When it comes to mulch, less is more. Too much causes the soil to become soggy, encourages plant disease, and suffocates your plants’ roots. Be sure to measure out about one or two inches of mulch this spring to help your soil retain moisture while being able to breathe.

Not Enough Mulch

On the other hand, you could also make the mistake of not adding enough mulch. If there isn’t enough mulch on your landscape, it won’t do its job of preventing weeds or keeping your soil moist. Mulch is an organic material, so it will eventually break down into the soil and make it more fertile. This is why you should be replacing your mulch every spring and adding an extra layer in the fall to ensure your lawn looks great year-round.

Wrong Type Of Mulch

With so many varieties of mulch to choose from, it’s very possible that you are using the wrong type on your lawn. Mulches can be very different, as some bags may contain pesticides, weed seeds, or insects. You don’t want to add any of this on your landscape, so be sure to read the bag to learn what it is made of before purchasing.

Not Using Mulch At All

The last mulching mistake you can make is not to use any mulch at all! Mulch has so many benefits for your lawn that it is worth every penny and time it takes to apply it. A fresh application of dark brown mulch adds visual appeal to any landscape and is an easy way to freshen up your lawn each spring. It is also very beneficial for your soil and plants, as it protects your plants’ roots from the sun, prevents weeds from growing, and helps your soil retain moisture, so you don’t have to water as often.

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