Signs It’s Time to Repave Your Driveway

Learn about the signs that show it’s time to repave your driveway.

Learn about the signs that show it’s time to repave your driveway.

Over time, even the most secure-seeming aspects of your home and property may be in need of repair. Your driveway, for instance, may seem like the most long-lasting aspect of your home- it is concrete and asphalt after all. While these may seem like they will last forever, the truth is that there comes a time when your driveway needs to be repaired or repaved. At Edward’s Lawn & Home, we can help you ensure that your residential or commercial driveway is at its best.

Potholes and Cracks

One of the first signs that you need a new driveway is when you start to notice large numbers of cracks and potholes. Not only can these be detrimental to your car, but they can rapidly deteriorate the state of your entire driveway. As cracks form, they allow water and debris to become lodged in the gaps. Over time, and with freezing conditions, these can grow rapidly creating potholes that can continue to grow in size. Not only can these affect your vehicle, but they can become hazards for those walking in your driveway as well. If someone trips in a pothole on your commercial property, you may be held responsible for any injuries or damages.

Drainage Issues

When a driveway is adequately sloped and graded and in good condition, you likely won’t notice any drainage issues, but when you do, it’s a sign that you need work. When water pools in one location it increases the risk of cracks and potholes. There may be alternatives to a complete repave, but if you’re late to act when a drainage problem is at work, you may need to have significant repairs.  

Its Appearance is Rough

Even the most well-built driveway will degrade over time. Between the effects of sun, weather, road salt, and use driveways will slowly deteriorate. Depending on the extent of the wear you may be able to use a simple sealant or coating, but if the condition is significantly affected, a repave may be your best option. Call Edward’s Lawn and Home for your driveway repairs; we can upgrade your driveway to ensure that your home or commercial property looks its best!

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