3 Tips for Preventing Pests in Your Garden This Spring

Check out these three tips for preventing pests in your garden this spring.

Check out these three tips for preventing pests in your garden this spring.

Gardening brings a lot of joy to many homeowners, and having a garden is a great way to beautify your property and even provide some delicious vegetables for your family. As you maintain your garden, one of the challenges that you’ll always face is keeping the pests away. Not only will pests destroy your garden, but they’ll also make it difficult for you to continue gardening throughout the season. Here are three tips for preventing pests in your garden this spring.

Choosing Your Plants

Be careful with the types of plants you choose for your garden – some are much more attractive to pests than others. There are indeed some plants that are more pest-resistant. Whether you’re experiencing an influx of beetles or squash bugs, do some research to find the varieties of your desired plants that those and other pests won’t eat. There are also disease-resistant variations that you should look for.  

Physical Barriers

Now that you’ve chosen pest-resistant plants, you should also consider installing some physical barriers. Since pests are usually incredibly small, your normal perimeter fencing won’t do the trick. Instead, you should consider other options, including creating a barrier with wood chips or gravel that would act as an obstacle for the pests. Another effective barrier is installing a floating row cover to protect your plants. Floating row covers are ideal for protecting cabbage, broccoli, cucumber plants, and squash.


There are many gardeners that like to keep their gardens free of chemicals and pesticides. However, there are some repellents you can use that are gentle on plants, wildlife, and the environment. If you’re concerned about harsh chemicals, be sure to read the fine print. Choose repellents that work well with your garden. In addition to purchasing repellents, another great option is to look up some homemade recipes that will also help with getting rid of pests. Do some research into the combinations and solutions that will do the trick.

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