Is Crabgrass Bad for Your Lawn?

Is Crabgrass Bad for Your Lawn?

Is crabgrass really that bad for your lawn? Here’s what to know.

Spring and summer see a surge in lawn care concern every spring through early summer. No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to learn more about how to keep your lawn looking its best. One of the most common issues with lawns is the infamous crabgrass. One might wonder, “Is crabgrass bad for your lawn?” Find out that and more below.

The Short Answer

The short answer is “no.” No, crabgrass is not technically bad for your lawn. It might look horrendous and even more so in late summer when the large, radial stems die, but it is more of a filler plant than an invasive plant. It will only invade your lawn given the opportunity. Is that all you need to know? Well, if you are interested in getting your lawn crabgrass-free, stick around for more information.

Why Crabgrass Is in Your Lawn

Crabgrass could be in your lawn for several reasons.

  • First, it could be that your lawn has a lot of bare spots. Crabgrass is an annual plant that reseeds every winter, and it will grow wherever there is room.
  • Second, if there is a chance that your soil contains a significant amount of salt, your lawn could be at risk for growing crabgrass more easily. 
  • Third, you might be watering your lawn daily. This weed likes to grow all through summer, and it loves bare soil, water, and sunshine. It could help to kill the plant out faster by lightly watering your lawn only twice a week.
  • Fourth, you might be cutting your lawn too short. Shorter grass makes it easier for crabgrass to sprout in summer. Instead, try keeping your grass about 3.5-4 inches tall. If you like shorter grass, Edward’s Lawn & Home can help you come up with a solution.
  • In some cases, the weather just makes it more difficult. Rainy springs and hot summers are crabgrass’s favorite, but keeping the practices above can still help the effort.

Ways to Prevent or Treat Crabgrass

If you are looking to prevent or treat crabgrass, you can take these easy steps.

  • The key to a lush, healthy lawn is to cultivate a thick lawn. Achieving this will mean seeding the bare spots and giving it a healthy feeding of fertilizer. 
  • You can also pull out the unwanted grass, but if it is overtaking your yard, a lawn rejuvenation might be easier.
  • Apply an herbicide, either pre-emergent or post-emergent. If you can wait until next year, try the pre-emergent kind, since the cold weather will kill off the previous summer’s crop.
  • Lastly, practice good lawn care measures such as cutting your grass high and watering only twice a week. 

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