Ideal Aromatic Trees for Your Apartment Complex

edward's lawn & landscaping Ideal Aromatic Trees for Your Apartment Complex

Aromatic trees for your apartment complex can be a game-changer.

Sometimes, walking out of your apartment and being created by a whiff of freshness can be the best feeling in the world. That’s right; we’re talking about aromatic trees. Flowering trees with amazing smells can help take a common area to the next level.

In particular, aromatic trees for your apartment complex can be a game-changer. Putting them along sidewalks, near patios, and in common seating areas can completely change the space. If you’re thinking about aromatic trees for your apartment complex, consider the following options.

Japanese Tree Lilac

If you want beautiful fragrant blooms that are absolutely massive, consider the Japanese tree lilac. Its giant clusters of white, fragrant flowers can grow to be around a foot long. This tree can be planted as a multi-stemmed tree or shrub with a single trunk, either of which is a great option as far as aromatic trees for your apartment complex.

Even when those flowers fade, their seed pods will still attract wonderful songbirds. Plus, the reddish bark looks good year-round. While you might only get a few weeks of the fragrant blooms, we think they’re worth it.

Black Locust

Every mid-spring, you’ll find that black locust has rope-like clusters of fragrant pink and white flowers. It’s more than that, though! Black locusts can grow in just about any kind of soil, making them easy to maintain, which is perfect for apartment complexes. They also multiply, reach up to 40 feet tall, and make a nice leafy screen.

Sweetbay Magnolia

With its large, creamy white blooms that are plenty fragrant, you’ll recognize sweetbay magnolia every May and June due to its lemony scent. Its elegant flowers can be found within wonderful, glossy green leaves. There’s more, though! The undersides of the leaves are a bright silvery white.

Southern Magnolia

Southern magnolia is known for being fragrant. Each flower has six thick pedals, creamy-white, cup-shaped, and around eight inches across. They will bloom through the summer and fall. The tree has a straight trunk with dense and smooth evergreen leaves. They need room to grow, making them ideal for larger spaces like those around an apartment.

Eastern Redbud

Every spring, the Eastern redbud will pop up with so many fragrant rosy pink flowers. This attracts both butterflies as well as songbirds who enjoy the seeds. The leaves will start red, turn green during the summer, then yellow in the fall. It’s a bold choice that can make an apartment complex look great.

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