Year-end Lawn Care Tips for a Better Spring

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Check out these year-end lawn care tips to ensure your grass looks great in the spring!

You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your lawn during the winter, with the exception of how pretty the snow looks on your grass. Especially in the Maryland area, we tend to put away the lawnmower in the fall and not think of it again till the spring rolls around. The break from lawn care and maintenance is nice, but what if there were things you could do now, during the winter, that would help ensure a more beautiful lawn in the spring?

Fertilize It Now

Most of the lawns in North America are made up of a mixture of cool season grasses, like Bermuda grass or bluegrass, and the late fall to early winter is the perfect time to fertilize those types of grasses. During the summer, your lawn loses a lot of nutrients, so it is important to fertilize to replace them thoroughly. Before the first freeze, add your fertilizer, and it will nourish the grassroots all winter long.

Cut It Short

This is actually something that you should start doing at the end of summer rather than waiting till the beginning of winter: start gradually lowering the cutting height on your lawnmower so that by winter your grass is very short. Leaving grass tall makes it more likely to fall prey to mice and other rodents who build winter nests in it. Tall grass is also more likely to be broken or damaged from someone walking on it during the winter. However, you don’t want to cut it super short all at once, since this might shock it and cause damage, so your best bet is to do it gradually over the late summer and fall.

Clean The Yard

It is important to keep your lawn clean and clear of debris, and this is about more than just leaf removal. Since the yard sees a lot less playtime during the cold months, it’s easy to forget about toys, furniture, and even branches that are sitting out there. These are things that you’d move pretty regularly, through use or when mowing, during the summer. But during the winter, they sit and create dead spots. These will be paler and slower to grow come spring, ruining the look of your lush green lawn.

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