Take Proper Care of Your Garden Plantings This Summer


The official start of summer is less than a week away! This summer, with temperatures rising, it’s critical to take proper care of your garden plantings.

The official start of summer is less than a week away! This summer, with temperatures rising, it’s critical to take proper care of your garden plantings. Not only is gardening a tremendously soothing activity, you can beautify your landscape and even provide your family with the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Even if you don’t plan to get ambitious with your garden, tips for plantings are always helpful!

Make Sure Your Plantings Have Plenty of Light

Plants and planting need regular exposure to sunlight. In order to thrive, they need plenty of light. Just as people have basic needs, so do plants. Light is the most fundamental need of any planting. The kind of light your plantings will need depend heavily on the type of plant. Kinds of light fall into three general categories:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Indirect sunlight
  • Diffused sunlight

Water Them Regularly, But Carefully

Another basic need all plantings share in common is water. You’ll want to water your plantings regularly, but be careful. Too much of a good thing can be harmful to your plants. Novice gardeners often give their plants more than enough water. Just like with sunlight, different plants need different amounts of water to be happy.

  • Check how damp the soil is before you add water.
  • Use a watering can to dispense lukewarm or warm water.
  • Water your plants thoroughly to make sure they get enough water.

They Need Good Food, Too

Although sunlight provides plants with the majority of their energy, plant food helps. Plant food can boost their growth potential. Plant food can be:

  • Water-dissoluble
  • Solid
  • Grainy

Pointers for Re-potting

There are a few ways you can tell your plantings need to be re-potted:

  • The first way is when the plant becomes too heavy near the top.
  • The second sign is when their roots have outgrown their original drainage gap.
  • Be sure that you always have a container with the correctly-sized drainage gap or hole.
  • Use potting soil meant for your plantings.
  • Be sure to moisten the potting soil before putting it on top of your plants.
  • Gently remove any brown leaves you might see.

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